Terms and Conditions

  • Office hours are 8:30am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • RSI will install your post 1-3 business days after the utilities are marked by Gopher State One, weather permitting, excluding holidays and weekends. Gopher State One requires 2 business days to locate ALL utilities. Gopher State One does NOT locate sprinkler systems, pet containment systems, or any privately installed underground lines. Customer involvement in locating these is required to minimize damage to the lines. RSI will not be held responsible for these damages.
  • Post placement flags are available at no additional fee. These must be used in order to ensure proper placement of the post. RSI reserves the right to change the post location if it interferes with local ordinances, underground utilities, etc. These flags are reusable.
  • The standard charge for installation within our local coverage area (as indicated inside the black outline on our coverage map) will be $40.00. This INCLUDES the removal of the post. Installation outside of this area is available. This fee will be the standard installation fee plus a nominal surcharge. Please see the map for specific details
    • !!! Pricing Update: Winter Orders base price $45 this is for orders when the installation is completed during the period of January 1 – April 30.

  • Removals will be performed as soon as possible; usually within 1-3 business days after the order is received. RSI is not responsible for the removal of any panels, brochure boxes, name riders,..etc...that were not originally installed by RSI. These will be removed and left at the property unless prior arrangements are made.
  • RSI will store panels at no additional fee to our customers.
  • Original rental fee is good for a 1 year rental term. In order to avoid an annual recurring fee after 1 year, (this fee will be the same price as the original rental fee) Removal orders must be requested before that year ends.
  • Any vandalism or damage to the post will be billed to the agent.

In addition to the fees/terms already discussed we offer optional services as follows:

  • RSI will repair any hardware failure that is not caused by vandalism or abuse at no additional fee. Post installs are warranted 30 days from date of installation. After 30 days a trip charge will be assessed.

Winter Install $45.00 (includes removal)
Post Installation $40.00 (includes removal)
Installation of Riders $5.00 (includes removal and storage)
Brochure Box Rental $10.00
Special Trip Charge $25.00
Repair/Fix Charge $25.00 (Post, panel, hardware damage due to weather, abuse, or vandalism)
Damaged/Lost Post $50.00
Damaged/Lost Brochure Boxes $25.00