Product TypeProduct NameInitial PriceReoccurring PriceReplace Price
Brochure BoxTop Mounted101025
Brochure BoxSide Mounted101025
RiderName Rider500
PostsModern White PVC Post404050
PostsModern Black PVC Post404050
PostsTraditional White Wood Post404050
PostsTraditional Black Wood Post404050
PostsTraditional Yellow Wood Post Cent 21 ONLY404050
RiderInfo Rider500
RiderQR Rider500
PostsTraditional White PVC Post404050
RiderCounselor Mobile App Rider000
PostsTraditional Black PVC Post404050
PostsDo NOT USE Modified Black PVC Latitude Agents Onl404050

Post installs are warranted 30 days from date of installation. After 30 days a trip charge will be assessed.

Winter Installs

January 1 through April 30, post installation rate is $45.